May 122011
The (Mat)Challenge(.com) is On!

Now you probably don’t know this (unless you’ve come from there…) but my internet buddy Mathieu (French Canadian weightlifting, dragonboating, kung-fu fighting, Sam & Max playing Movement member and all-round cool guy) has a website where you can issue him challenges. I decided to use this for my own nefarious purposes, selfishly setting up a plan for self-motivation and accountability. Just yesterday, this sinister message appeared in the comments section of his website (and on Twitter): Mat, I challenge you to match or better me, post for post, guest post for guest post, for 3 months beginning the date of your choosing. We both need motivation to get inertia rolling, right? Lemme know if you’re up for it! That’s right, I offloaded the burden of self-motivation onto Mat. Clever, right? I’m pretty proud of it myself. “So did he bite?” Shortly after, this appeared on his Twitter account: “@McCPT WAT [continue]