May 262011

Just a very short note here, to let anyone who didn’t see it separately know that I have been honoured with having my work published at the blog of Adam T. Glass, Gym Movement expert, yesterday.

The post in question is “Feats Of Strength (of Character) – Guest Post by Piers McCarney“. I’m very proud, as I am a big fan of Adam’s work and attribute a lot of my own progress in many arenas to my association with him.

I am pretty happy with how that post turned out. I wrote it a few months ago, but Adam wisely sat on it until I got my arse into gear with my own blog, so it could point somewhere worthwhile. (Not to say that I didn’t nag at him to post it anyway, haha, hard to distance yourself sometimes and see sense.) I’d love to see some extra comments there or here regarding its content!

If you’re interested, I also had a previous piece published on that site, called “mEA of Record Keeping – Guest Post by Piers McCarney“. That piece just so happened to be the first thing that I ever wrote for any blog! I’m proud of it for that fact, but I certainly hope I have improved a little since then.

P.S. Mat, don’t worry, brother, I’m not counting this post toward our tally, but you damn sure the one at ATG’s counts! ;-)

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