Aug 302011
Musing on Boredom (with Diet and Life)

  Today, I ate approximately 640 (particularly non-constructive) calories (so far…) due entirely to boredom. This came in the form of a blueberry muffin and a caramel slice and doesn’t include the delicious Long Macchiato coffee that I washed them down with. In all honesty, consuming these things is not exactly unusual for me and as I utilise Mike T. Nelson’s ideas regarding Metabolic Flexibility (affiliate link) I don’t usually anticipate any real negative effect when I choose to do so. The thing that made it unusual was that I barely wanted to eat them at all. And I knew it. So why did I do it? I was bored. Very much so. As I walked to the bakery and prepared to purchase and consume some food that I barely desired, it made me ponder why boredom would drive me to do such a thing and what I thought boredom truly was. It seems [continue]