Sep 052011

The plain truth is that I don’t use Gym Movement Protocol the same way as Adam T. Glass.
I don’t use Gym Movement Protocol the same way as Frankie Faires.
Or Mike T. Nelson, Josh Hanagarne, Will Williams, Megan Kruger, Gary Berenbroick, Kevin G., Dave Sandel, DDN; or any of the other host of people I have learned bits and pieces from.

Gym Movement as a plan doesn’t work.

Those that have learned (some) from me also don’t use it the same way that I do.

HOWEVER… we all PR Everyday i.e. we all progress in a measureable fashion. That’s the beauty of it.

Compare my workloads, training regularity, training movements, strength improvements, mental/attitude changes etc. to anyone else using the system and you will find massive variance.
Compare our lifestyles, histories, preferences, genetics, goals, schedules… and you will find just as much variance.

With a truly adaptable system, you can never expect the same results as someone else because they ARE NOT YOU.
You can’t expect the same schedule/program to work “just as well” because they ARE NOT YOU.

Just this morning I was elated to receive a message from a female who trains with me that stated (paraphased some terms for clarity):
“Hey Piers! BodyFat% is down, metabolic age reading is down. Muscle Mass is up and total weight is down :) I’m going to walk up the stairs to work now (working on the 8th floor today)”

I have assisted this female with varying areas including movement testing and selection; goal selection; constructive tracking of metrics; nutritional concepts; and a whole host of other things. The way that she interprets, employs and experiments with these ideas in order to achieve success however will be and MUST be unique, as she is unique. As are we all, with our entirely unique nature & nurture.

I can’t wait to hear exactly what she’s been experimenting with this week to get her these results and this excited. Expanding useful data means expanding the resources I can connect and create hypotheses from.

The truth about Gym Movement is that it works and it will work for you, because it is a framework that allows you to find, modify and continually improve the things that work FOR YOU.

Plans are dead, no matter how many contingencies they include; concepts of experimentation adapt and evolve. I know which sounds more useful to me.

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