Nov 022011
Bang For The Buck Nutrition: Eggs

Even though I struggle to think of something “new” to add; I feel like I need to include eggs in this topic. Eggs are an absolutely fantastic nutritional option. High in Protein. Low in Carbohydrate-based energy. Contains a range of vitamins and minerals including a range of B Group and the elusive Vitamin D. Generally “low” cost financially. Easy to insert into your dietary consumption. Now, lets not get TOO technical here… If you really want to read more into the specific nutritional qualities of the humble chicken egg, I’m going to have to refer you on to other places and other people. Craig Keaton of The Movement Dallas takes credit for the phrase, “If you are going to collect the dots, you must connect the dots.” (As brought to my attention by his comment on this excellent article on the topic of Collecting by Frankie Faires. Seriously; read it now, [continue]