Nov 062011

Just for something different (and not to have to stretch myself too far thinking of what to write about, in all honesty) I thought I’d just drop a basic list here of my favourite site on the internet when I’m not trawling the seas of fitness (primarily) bullshit.

1. Something Awful’s “Current Releases” – Movie Reviews

I have been a big fan of Something Awful for many years (yes, I am a horrible nerd in some ways, but I have never owned a forum account; there’s hope for me yet), but these days I honestly can’t find the time to look through the numerous articles and search for the ones that are actually funny enough to be worth reading.

There IS however a single feature that I keep up or catch up with and that is their movie review section, “Current Releases”.

For a site that is primarily concerned with odd satire and the ravings of self-professed nerds; this sections is remarkably useful and professional. It retains the comedic nature of the site by reviewing films in a way I often find hilarious, but there is a genuine appreciation for film in there that has pointed me to films I would have otherwise dismissed more than once. I recommend you check it out and consult it on any film you’re on the fence about, as they have never seemed to display any significant bias that I can find.
One failing: They thought The Hangover was as totally hilarious as seemingly everyone else did. I, however, am considering writing an article called “Stick In The Mud (Or: Why I Don’t Like The Hangover Like You Do)”. Stay tuned for that Magnum Opus sometime, haha.

2. “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” – Webcomic

So true. Obviously, credit to Zach Weiner.

These days it seems that Mr. Zach Weiner has his hand in many humourous pies, but to me his flagship will always be “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal“. This comic with regular flavourings of Far Side is the only comic with the honour of being on my RSS subscriptions and being consistently read for a period of years.

Everyone I have ever seen to reference this comic has been awesome. It should be your number one location for jokes about academics, perception of reality, relationships, the various -isms and the possible non-existance of God (not necessarily in that order). If there was one webcomic that I think will turn you in the right direction to eventually become a Movementeer (as DL coined last post), I’d say this is it.


This one is a relatively recent infatuation for me, though I’ve known OF the site for a few years. This is basically a collection of articles that are usually in the form of comedic (and sometimes informative) lists. Often surprisingly well researched, you’ll be amazed how much trivia and interesting information you glean while often laughing through the whole thing.


Lifehacker is an interesting beast. I don’t spend very much time there, in all honesty, but every time I have a flick through the recent updates I find at least SOMETHING useful that I can (and this is key) put into action. Packed with useful tips for making a modern life a bit more efficient and effective, Lifehacker is a great site to browse when you’re receptive to some new ideas for every day.

Lifehacker is a Gawker Network website. Even if you don’t live in Australia, I recommend you look at the Australian version of the website. Why? Because across the Gawker Network, formatting and community often seem to be better on the Australian sites. Yes, I’m biased, but I honestly believe that.

Which are your favourite websites for NON-fitness/health topics? I could fill in a list with my favourite resources in those areas (maybe), but it seems a little redundant considering how often I link them in my normal articles! I’d much rather hear of some gold you’ve discovered online that helps you destress or pick up some useful info; in the comments below.

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