Nov 172011

I am a big fan of what I like to think of as Active Observation. When I was working today, my allocated shift partner made a couple of comments about my behaviour: “You really like to measure things, don’t you?” “Could you stop analyzing everything?” “You really want to go over there and tell them how you think it should be done, don’t you?” (In relation to some “Personal Trainers” across the road that I was watching.) The respective answers would be: “Yes.” “No.” And “God, yes.” The thing I want to talk about the most today however is the first of his questions (which was fairly rhetorical, to be fair). I just don’t think that people in general pay enough attentionĀ to what is going on in their life/vicinity. People like to think that they are open-minded, observant and creative, but I have to say that a lot of evidence [continue]