Nov 292011


I have the enviable benefit of being in contact with a very productive, forward-thinking and bleeding edge clique.

How did I get into this position? I would personally say “Right time, right place, right attitude, right actions.” A heaping helping of luck got me into contact with (and noticed by) many of these people, for which I am exceedingly grateful, as it has been literally life changing.

So I figure I will share the love/luck and begin to refer you on to the quality postings and articles of some of these people, that you may miss otherwise.

“That’s a PR!” @ The Movement Minneapolis by David Dellanave

Hitting a PR every day is a foundation of the Gym Movement Protocol. (You all know I’m flying the flag for Gym Movement Protocol in Australia, right? Dave has written a great post here to show how PRs can (if you train in a productive fashion) be plentiful, constant and a continual progression.

Great stuff, I suggest you check it out.

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