Dec 102011
It’s been said before that people “become the average of the 5 people they spend the most time with”.

Now, like any blanket statement, this is open for debate, but I would say that it’s a pretty reasonable guideline.

I recently referred to my association with members of The Movement and what a positive thing I have found that to be. In conversations recently a common theme has been relating to how those around you can affect your decisions and your pursuit of goals.

A quick thought here is… who are YOU becoming like? Who is influencing your progress? What could you do to change it?

Let me give you a quick couple of examples. I used to work at a bank as a bank teller. Not a demanding job, all my time spent indoors. I wanted to get fit and I wanted to get stronger. I had told myself time and time again that I “should” exercise more, but it wasn’t happening. So, I changed my environment. I applied for and entered into a role of work where I would be required to face, negotiate with and sometimes physically apprehend aggressive and violent people. I could not think of a better motivation to get me off my arse and into the gym.

Long story short, it worked. I began to move faster in the direction I wanted to move, as my drive to use the implements at hand increased.

Change your exterior; change your interior.

However, after some time, I found my drive to progress flagging. Although I trained sometimes, it wasn’t with the drive or regularity I had been enjoying. I tried to analyse my situation and came to a conclusion:

I had been comparing my progress and level to those around me and finding it above average…

So, I stopped getting better.

Change your associations; change your outcomes.

This lead to the second change that I made. I began to search online for those whose abilities far outstripped mine, who would make me feel that my level was vastly inadequate and give me the drive I felt would propel me forward…

Enter ATG and The Road Less Travelled

At the time, I had been following a training “system” that was cobbled from a bunch of influences, but primarily from the RKC, so I began to look around at the people associated with that system, to hunt for some strong people to inspire me. I happened across the blog of a man who could bend steel, tear cards and bottoms up press kettlebells I couldn’t CLOSE to lift. Hell, just check out his recent training videos; the man just gets stronger!

Long story cut short, Adam lead me to The Movement, which lead me to vastly better. Let me note here that this is the influence of people that I have never met in person, but I chose to turn a section of my focus to…

These days, I know few people who would honestly argue with the statement, “Piers is exceptional”.

They may not exactly choose to phrase it that way, hahaha, but in essence my individual drive and progress is widely acknowledged and growing by the day.

Does this sound familiar? How are you being affected by the people around you or the place you put yourself? Could you associate with a higher quality of people and become the average of “better”?

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  1. Definitely sounds familiar.

    I think the first step even before associating with people that make you better, is disassociating with people that make you worse. It’s oftentimes way more difficult to do, but it’s crazy how most get more easily discouraged by “no you can’t”, than they get encouraged by “yes you can”.

    Of course, both can be done at the same time. Cheers to the steps you’ve taken!

  2. I believe it has everything to do with how external sources influence our subconscious minds. If you surround yourself with positive people, it will make you more positive in one way or another. I’m sure how much one believes he’s affected by other peoples opinions has it’s effect on the outcome, too.

    • Good food for thought there, Tomas. I think how much people are willing to be influenced by other opinions is a factor in intensity.

      I haven’t done enough research to be able to clearly state in terms of conscious and sub-conscious, but there are certainly influences from surroundings that people are experiencing though not aware of… or perhaps just not understanding of?
      Many times you can see a person being emotionally manipulated and leveraged by another person, with the subject having no idea what’s happening. I attended an Amway presentation that was a sparkling example of this. ;)

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