Dec 202011

I would call myself an “amateur Gym Movement practitioner”, so when I refer to my (online) friend Peter Baker as the same thing, I don’t mean it as a slight…

After all, I think I’m pretty exceptional (*wink*), so I would hardly hate on a category I place myself into now, would I? I use the term only because I believe that, like myself, Peter hasn’t officially attended a Movement Certification, to date. (Correct me if I’m wrong, PB.) I actually think this is useful info, because it shows how much a person can progress in the protocol even WITHOUT a large amount of hands-on training.

Anyway, Peter has posted what I think is a fantastic and hands-on article, over at his blog, regarding a recent test of his practices in a certified Powerlifting meet.

“SPF Outlaw Powerlifting in Tampa” @ Deathmetal & Deadlifting by Peter Baker

I think Peter gives a very useful amount of detail on things he did leading up to the practice, what he thinks went well and a rundown of the event he competed in. I was very pleased to see that PB hit his targets for the meet (PR and overall total-wise) and I believe it is a rock-solid foundation for him to go ahead from. My hat is off to any who chose to put their ego on the line and sign up to compete, so kudos!
If any of this sounds interesting to you, give it a look! Might turn the odd body-building-protocol-obsessed gym rat who comes across this into a bit more of a strength fiend, even!

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  1. Amateur or not you guys are both making awesome progress. I see the Movement certs as the red pill. The basic idea is simple: “Do you really need to do anything?” and “If so, what can you do now?”

  2. Thanks, gentlemen. I have not, to date, attended a cert. 

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