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Welcome to 2012, the year you will (hopefully) get better!

I’m not going to argue and rant about New Year’s Resolutions and the pros and cons. The fact is that psychologically people still seem to place a lot of stock in these things and find that a New Year is a good marker (rather than an arbitrary one that I would argue it is), so people will be looking for better.
People looking for better is always a good thing.


My ideas relating to diet have not changed like the 4th digit of the year, so some things that might have helped you previously would still help you now.

Where do we go from here?

Forward. Always forward.

You tell me. Read those articles? What is missing? What do you want to know? There is a lot to learn and a lot that I have come across.

Take the initiative in 2012 and when someone offers a helping hand, take advantage of it and move forward.

UPDATE: Adam T. Glass has posted a fine article at his site, with help to find his resources on how to lose fat faster in 2012. Recommended reading; recommended thinking, people.

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  1. Hi McCarney P.T. – great blogs, I enjoy reading them!! I was however wondering if there is such a thing as too much protein? I worked out how many grams I should have per day, but what if I go over that??

    • Hi Jess, thanks for the comment!If you look into the concept of “too much protein”, the most often stated point of view is that “too much protein is bad for your kidneys”. I have consulted with multiple people on this matter, in nutritional and medical fields, and the general consensus is that, unless a person has a preexisting kidney issue or genetic tendency toward such a condition, most people could consume far more protein than they currently do without any dangerous load on the kidneys.

      Many strength athletes and bodybuilders consume far more protein per kg of bodyweight than the number I list in my Protein in Diets article; in fact even the source I took that number from previously advised approx 1.3x that amount and I believe he likely revised it down simply because the difference it would make compared to how difficult some people would find that increase is probably “not worth it” to a lot of people.

      One of the great things about protein is that most people find that their metabolic system can handle it pretty well. The only thing I would say to pay a bit of attention to is if it is causing you digestive discomfort to consume a certain amount of a certain type. No need to push that area into distress and you may find that over time with a higher protein diet that discomfort will resolve itself.

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