Jan 282012
Marketing "The Biggest Loser Australia: Singles" in 2012 and my problem with it

There is a massive list of things I dislike about The Biggest Loser in general, but I’m going to keep this on point. (I promise. Mostly.) Besides alleged deceptive practices, advice I believe is outdated and irrelevant , corny presentation… Okay, really now, the point. (UPDATE: Thank you SO much to all those that have shared and otherwise spread this page. I am beginning to see some views from people searching on terms including The Biggest Loser and “find love”, “love yourself” and so on and so forth. I am personally very glad for everyone that sees this assessment of the associated advertising.) For some time, these posters (as well as one of male trainer Shannan Ponton that I didn’t manage to get a picture of) have been prominently displayed around Perth (and I assume other Australian locations) to promote the newest season of The Biggest Loser Australia. The tagline of “Learn To [continue]