Mar 122012
When Does "Thinking" Become "Thinking Too Much"?

I have occasionally been accused of “thinking too much”. Shocking, I know. But being accused of that made me think about the concept of “thinking too much”. (Some might present that as evidence for the prosecution, but hear me out.) I propose that there is one simple litmus test for the level of thought that you are giving to any particular subject: “Does your thought appear to be unnecessarily reducing your action?” Generally, “giving some thought” to an action you are about to take will improve the action taken, I think we can all agree on that. Whether it reduces the cost of the action taken by making it more efficient, makes it more effective toward a desired outcome or highlights some errors with the planned action, the thought has been worthwhile, as without it you would have achieved less of value. However, it would make sense that there is [continue]