Mar 202012
Treating Yourself More Often, Less Regularly

What makes us think of certain things as being “a treat”? I imagine that this will vary a little from person to person, but I am going to give you a rough definition that I think is useful, before I riff on the subject. I would be very excited to see some debate or alternate definitions in the comments, but here’s mine: A treat is something that we derive pleasure from the experience of, but believe that the cost of having it regularly is too high to justify. Now at first reading, some people might get hung up on the word “cost” and just think of financial cost, but I’ll clarify now that it could be any variety of perceived cost, including financial, nutritional, social, emotional and whatever else you could think of. (I don’t think emotional would be relevant to “treat” type behaviour TOO often, but I wouldn’t rule it out.) [continue]