Mar 292012

“Are you getting better BECAUSE of your training? Or are you getting better in SPITE of it?” Recently, Frankie Faires of The Movement Dallas launched a new video & e-book set titled “Martial Arts MasterPlan”. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early release copy (though not lucky enough to get it for free, hahaha). With this product, Frankie attempts to answer one of the age old questions regarding physical training, not only for Martial Artists, but for any athlete (or non-athlete): “How do I know that the work I am doing in the gym/structured exercise is actually making me better at non-gym work? If I am training with weights for my chosen sport, how do I know what will help me with the sport and what may hinder or be irrelevant?”  I knew a few things relevant to the project going into my purchase: Frankie has [continue]