Apr 122012

Sorry for the lack of updates, all. There will be a few articles coming soon (the ideas are all lined up), but my shiftwork pattern has been very unkind to my writing time/drive. Cheers! UPDATE: Just finished a short training session; figured I’d share the related FB post here too: “Was feeling a bit down on the idea of training today, but figured not training would make my state worse, as I had committed to the idea of training today already. So.. Circular Chin-Ups (new movement modification) and Goat-Riding KB Swings (new mod) were in order. Both relevant to specific goal areas, both tested better than standard and both had a feeling of fun. As I wandered around afterward I hit a couple of casual reps/set PRs in 20kg KB press and on the Captains of Crush Trainer gripper. So, pretty good for a half-arsed training session. Now my state [continue]

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