Apr 152012

Small Post; Big Topic. How often do you think you restrict your progress by focussing on progress of only one kind? I’d wager quite often. My updates lately have been rare; my desire to create has demanded a certain depth. However allowing that focus to overwhelm has lead me to create exactly nothing. I often tell others to try allowing progress to be organic, to happen how it wants to, so that it might happen more often. With this post, I am attempting that in the field of blog content creation. It isn’t long. It isn’t my best (in my mind). But it is, when it could have not been. When content creation regularity is an issue, isn’t every acceptable piece a step forward? PR Every Day. PR Every Way. (Writing style for this post is a tribute to the ‘carriage return addiction’ of Frankie Faires, creator of “Martial Arts [continue]