Apr 162012
Training With Fatigue: Mind Under Matter?

Just like someone called Kris Holm (apparently), I am often One Tired Guy. However, my status is simply due to normal life fatigue, not awesome unicycle tricks. (Also, wow, his DVD is only 23 minutes yet it costs $59.95?! That’s like $3/minute of UNICYCLE FOOTAGE. If he even sold one copy, my hat is off to that man.) A workmate of mine recently told me that his friend would like me to do an article relating to exercising when fatigued. Or possibly exercising when you don’t have the drive to do so. Or possibly “what is it that makes you less capable of a certain amount of reps/set when you are tired?” Basically, I was a bit confused by the way my workmate phrased it, so if you read this, Requester… “I hope this covers it; blame Andrew if it doesn’t. Also, let me know what you want and I’ll [continue]