Apr 212012

As I write this, it feels like an effort just to keep my eyes open. When Gym Movement 1.0 (now available streaming for free!) first launched, there was a lot of fuss in some communities about how they thought it meant “never do anything that doesn’t test well” and “always give up when something gets hard”. These communities primarily had vested interests in seeing GM this way (i.e. they usually had products of their own to sell which went against GM’s ideas), but I can see how people easily jump to that conclusion. When engaging in “eustress practice”, GM practitioners (or Movementeers as Movement Candidate and online buddy Darryl Lardizabal coined) often strive to “avoid Elements of Effort” in their practice. This can include, but is not limited to: Avoiding diminished speed/power of action Avoiding altered path of action Avoiding strained or altered breathing patterns Avoiding negative emotional states This is designed to allow [continue]