May 152012

Let me tell you a quick story… So I discussed Life Distress a bit in a recent article, but it didn’t mention too much about exercise distress specifically. Rather than give you a big run-down here, I’ll refer you to an article by Adam T. Glass on Darryl Lardizabal’s website that deals with that matter. Then, get back to me here. Done? If you read it, we’re on the same page. If you didn’t, let me give you a brief statement: Focussed distress allows us to expand in specific directions; it makes sense when it relates to our goals and necessary situations in which we need to perform. The important elements revolve around focus and extent. A recent failure to apply common sense and context I have recently been afflicted with a cold. Nothing too severe, in fact at first it seemed incredibly mild. I had a runny nose and [continue]