May 132012

“Vector and Velocity”

Today is Mothers’ Day in Australia. I don’t think it is anywhere else and my mother isn’t IN Australia, but I am so I figure this is a good a time as any to put something here to pay tribute.

Dear Mum,

I’ve summed up something very similar to what I’m about to say here to you before, though it was in person, in a more private context and at a significantly different time of my life.

One of the concepts mentioned on occasion in The Movement is that peoples’ paths in life have a vector and a velocity, like any other object that is moving through time and space. The direction of travel and the speed of travel end up making a person intersect with certain influences, make certain decisions and make different connections in life due to these factors around them.

As you have to be the one primary factor that has influenced MY personal trajectory more than anything else in the world, I have to say: Thank you.

Thank you for absorbing the distresses of life that were part of your path of parenthood.
Thank you for teaching me that I should always try to see the other side of the story and why people react how they do.
Thank you for making sure I had great nutrition on a tiny budget.
Thank you for encouraging me to question beliefs (even raising me in a religion that encourages it).

Thank you for all the tiny factors that added up to make me the person I am today; a person that I’m proud to be and someone dedicated to improving himself and everyone around him as much as he can.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mum.

I am proud to be on the path you helped to set me on and I hope you always will be too.

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