Jul 012012

(This post is an experiment in how useful the “QuickPress” feature of WordPress is to me. There will likely be little formatting etc; unlike my normal bizarre mixture of text sizes. I want to know if it’s worth using this to hammer out a quick thought now and then.)

Every day, people wonder what to do because their exercise plan “isn’t working”. That’s a good thing; it’s recognising a less-than-optimal scenario and attempting to address and improve it.

But what do people think when it IS working? Usually it’s something along the lines of “well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
Besides the terrible grammar inherent in that phrase, I think this is a less than useful thought because of all the options it disregards.

“Not working” and “working” are just two points on a sliding scale between “absolutely terrible” (dropping weight plates on your head, perhaps?) and “absolutely perfect” (results in an instant!)

Just because something is “working”, that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. If you can look at what you WERE doing and what you are NOW doing and find differences of interest, then maybe you can improve what you’re doing or have a clue as to which path will be more beneficial when returns on your current investment decline.

(Bam! Done! What do you think? Worth doing? If you prefer longer articles or if you think snippets like this as “food for thought” are worthwhile, I’d love if you let me know in the comments. Thank you!)

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