Jan 092013

Lets all have a 2013 filled with steps towards better! Yeah, I don’t know about “great”, “successful”, “happy”, “strong”, “healthy” or any of those other things people focus on. Lets face it: many of those things are so dependant on context/circumstance that our control over them is very limited. Try being all of those things, for example, when you work a physically demanding job AND then you get seriously injured in a car crash. I’d say it’s highly unlikely that your year would qualify as any of those particularly, but it’s hardly your fault.   So what can we do?   We can try to get better at betting better, that’s what. No matter what your situation is, you can aim for “better”. No matter how many setbacks you encounter, you can learn to deal with them better. No matter how well you are progressing on your goals, you can [continue]

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