Jul 222011
Bang For The Buck Nutrition: Sardines

Okay, this is going to be a very quick one, because I’m tired and busy, but it’s a little ode to something close to my heart… The humble sardine. This has been a old love affair recently rekindled for me. In fact, this stands as evidence that often “old wisdom” and (if we’re lucky) the actions of our parents can put us on solid ground. So people harp on these days about how Omega-3 Fish Oil is pretty much the the nutrient to end all nutrients. Proven to improve things such as heart health, joint health and even brain function! Remember this old saw: “Fish is brain food”? Remember hearing that a long long time before you ever heard about Omega-anything, let alone the phrase “Essential Fatty Acid”? That’s probably why I have memories of eating sardines on toast as a child. My poor misguided mother, in the obvious dark [continue]