Jan 092013

Lets all have a 2013 filled with steps towards better!

Yeah, I don’t know about “great”, “successful”, “happy”, “strong”, “healthy” or any of those other things people focus on.
Lets face it: many of those things are so dependant on context/circumstance that our control over them is very limited.

Try being all of those things, for example, when you work a physically demanding job AND then you get seriously injured in a car crash. I’d say it’s highly unlikely that your year would qualify as any of those particularly, but it’s hardly your fault.


So what can we do?


We can try to get better at betting better, that’s what.
No matter what your situation is, you can aim for “better”.
No matter how many setbacks you encounter, you can learn to deal with them better.
No matter how well you are progressing on your goals, you can learn to progress faster or in more directions.


So, what’s to clean up?


I have a lot on my metaphorical plate, these days.
This fact was, paradoxically, pointed out to me (as a negative) by someone who then tried to convince me to move from being a Union Delegate to a Union Secretary. (Successfully, might I add. Damn it.)
It is very tempting sometimes to take on many areas of our lives and try to progress simultaneously in all of them.

Frankly, it’s often not exactly the most productive thing to do, as the result can be constant progress but at a snail’s pace.

So, I’ll tell you how I’m trying to polish that plate off and get rid of the clutter.
Hopefully it may resonate with you and help us both out!


Beginning the process


Thinking about timeframes

Of the many things that I want to achieve, some will never (predictably) end.
I will always want to be a good attentive father and husband etc.
So, frankly, goalsetting seems to become fairly irrelevant there, in the larger scheme of things.

What I want is things I can “tick off” or “get done”.

Finishing what I’ve started

When you want to get things done, seems a good place to start is the things that are already started…

  • Complete Cert III & IV of Fitness.
  • Complete The Movement Biomechanics I coursework.
  • “Strict” press my stupid 32kg kettlebell (long story why this is harder than it “should” be).
  • Finish reading the books I’ve started.

You see, funnily enough, though I have many time-draining elements in my life, when I look at things that can be “finished”, the list is rather small.

Dividing smaller

Now, I can cut them into smaller pieces and show where the most effective place to start might be…

  1. Individual assessments/lectures on my Cert III & IV.
  2. Each chapter of each book.
  3. Each “lab” video for Movement Biomechanics.
  4. Each PR at KB pressing that moves me closer to my goal.
 Turning that into a plan

So, my plan (for now) is to take that list and look at it each time that I am lost for “something to do”.

Overall “life stress” can limit the energies we can put into our specific goals and it certainly “stresses me out” knowing that these are hanging over my head.
Every time I move closer on one of these, it will be a relief that might be greater than just “resting” could have been.

What do you have “hanging over your head” for 2013? Anything you can cut up, cut down or just cut altogether?
Drop me a comment below! 


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