May 082012

The other day I was speaking to a co-worker about exercise, as I often do. To be specific, I was hassling him about how I left a bar loaded for deadlifts in the gym and I hadn’t seen him lift it EVEN ONCE. (Yes, I engage in a particularly specific and odd form of bullying-toward-better.) The guy I was talking to has a history of training fairly dedicatedly, having large periods where he exercises in the gym after work 3 or so times a week. It was interesting to me then that he asked: “I sometimes set the bar with just 20kg a side, so about 50kg total, then I’ll just do about 50 or so in the space of about 5 minutes, just trying to get it done pretty much as fast as I can. Do you think that’s doing any good? Is it worth doing?“ Sometimes I forget [continue]