Aug 122012

I have a love/hate relationship with tracking my exercise, but I do recognise its value.

Over time, I have definitely noticed that progress is more pronounced when my exercise tracking is more diligent.
This is not to say that I “need” to track all the time or even that it is a good idea.

Specifically better (improving at gym movements) does not necessarily mean globally better (improving in life overall).

In recent history, my focus has been less on exercising effectively and more on living effectively.
I have written about prioritising distress before, but prioritising eustress progress is important too.

Just because something CAN be resolved “easily” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a cost.
Simply performing an action costs time and time is one of our most limiting and limited resources these days.

So in the period of my life where I haven’t been able to act upon exercise desires as often as I would like to, I have spent much time analysing, hypothesising and driving co-workers insane with my endless rambles on the subject (shout out to the co-workers; much respect for the tolerance, ladies and gents).

I have come to a conclusion: The time for diligent tracking has come upon me again.


In my history with The Movement, I have been blessed with many useful interactions and associations. David Dellanave (of The Movement Minneapolis; deadlifter and trainer extraordinaire) has helped shape my ideas around training effectiveness in multiple ways, resulting in great respect for the fellow.

Although direct conversation has helped, Dave is the creator of a tool that I truly believe has helped me dramatically and will be critical in my future progress:

(Adaptifer was, until recently, in private beta. I had the fortune to be invited, but sign-ups are now open to the public. I get NO kickbacks here; the one who will benefit most is you.)

Adaptifier is an intuitive system for tracking your training metrics in whatever movements you choose; allowing for creation of whatever exercise listings you like and showing progress (or lack thereof) across the reams of data that diligent training can produce.

Gym Movement principles and Adaptifier’s data tracking are a match made in heaven.

As I get back on track with tracking, I will attempt to load more training data up on here and give you an inside look at Adaptifer, so you can figure out if it’s a good match for you.

p.s. I don’t want to count my chickens, but it SEEMS that perhaps my daughter’s sleep is improving… If it does (chronically), you’ll be hearing about it and you may notice some DRAMATIC changes in my output (both blog and exercise). ;-)

p.p.s Dave and Mat – My Galaxy S and my Galaxy 7 are DYING to roadtest the Adaptifier android app… ;-)