Nov 062011
Random Blogging: My Favourite Places on the Internet (That Have Nothing To Do With Fitness)

Just for something different (and not to have to stretch myself too far thinking of what to write about, in all honesty) I thought I’d just drop a basic list here of my favourite site on the internet when I’m not trawling the seas of fitness (primarily) bullshit. 1. Something Awful’s “Current Releases” – Movie Reviews I have been a big fan of Something Awful for many years (yes, I am a horrible nerd in some ways, but I have never owned a forum account; there’s hope for me yet), but these days I honestly can’t find the time to look through the numerous articles and search for the ones that are actually funny enough to be worth reading. There IS however a single feature that I keep up or catch up with and that is their movie review section, “Current Releases”. For a site that is primarily concerned with [continue]