Aug 212012

Sound familiar? It’s not uncommon to hear variants of this phrase in conversation, especially when talking about people’s choices for their children. “I grew up drinking soft drink and I’m fine!” “I was formula fed and I’m fine!” “I watched TV lots as a kid and I’m fine!” “I had Princess toys as a kid and I’m fine!” “I never exercised and I’m fine!” A few thoughts… The effect that something has/had on you is not necessarily the same as the effect that it will have/has on someone else. Without change, we can’t seek better. Even in hindsight, it can be hard to isolate the effect of one factor from others. One bigger thought… If these choices made you “fine”, are you happy with your child ending up that way too? Just “fine”? Wouldn’t you want them to improve on your results, regardless of achievement? But the biggest one is [continue]