Jul 072011

Even though my site is suffering a period of low output, fear not, good people! I have had another guest post published, instead of getting anything (other than this) up here. The post this time is “Life as an Addiction” hosted at AthleteCreator.com by the Movement Biomechanics Candidate and budding dominator of rocky surfaces, David Sandel. (Yeah, that second link was a bit redundant, but I know Dave would like to see his Google search rank for his name move up. What a good friend I am, huh? Someday when my PageRank isn’t so dismal, that will be money in the bank.) If you are one of the people that sees my work and is NOT particularly interested in exercise, please don’t think “Athlete Creator? Sounds like some boring gym shit to me!” because you will be missing out via this assumption. Dave is known to cover more psychological topics [continue]