May 122011

My Honourable Opponent

Now you probably don’t know this (unless you’ve come from there…) but my internet buddy Mathieu (French Canadian weightlifting, dragonboating, kung-fu fighting, Sam & Max playing Movement member and all-round cool guy) has a website where you can issue him challenges.
I decided to use this for my own nefarious purposes, selfishly setting up a plan for self-motivation and accountability.

Just yesterday, this sinister message appeared in the comments section of his website (and on Twitter):

Mat, I challenge you to match or better me, post for post, guest post for guest post, for 3 months beginning the date of your choosing.
We both need motivation to get inertia rolling, right? Lemme know if you’re up for it!

That’s right, I offloaded the burden of self-motivation onto Mat. Clever, right? I’m pretty proud of it myself.

“So did he bite?”

Shortly after, this appeared on his Twitter account:
“@McCPT WAT :D Challenge accepted!”

Obviously, Mat underestimates me.

"Now strike me down!"

Imagine this whole article read by this guy.

Little does he know that (amongst other top secret blog plans) I already have TWO completed Guest Posts in the hands of Mr. Adam T. Glass AND Mr. David Sandel.

Dave is ready to drop his bomb any day. Probably when he gets back from holiday, the loafer.

Adam may never drop his. He’s had it for ages. BUT MAYBE HE WILL! Can you rely on him not doing it, Mat? I don’t think so!

So, game on, my friend. Although it is still up to you to count the official start date. Be warned! I suspect I will become much more prolific, as time goes by. Can you take the heat, my Northern Nemesis?

I plan to maintain updating this page with links to Guest Posts that either of us complete within the time period. ALSO… there may be a wager involved (I decided), so I shall update this also if that is the case.

Feel free to make predictions in the comments, taunt Mat with his impending doom, tell everyone how you know me in real life and I’m freaking awesome so he’s gonna regret this…

You know, whatever you genuinely feel.

Edit: Mat chose the date of 16/05/2011, thereby leaving himself vulnerable for me to post twice before he did. Ahahaha. As my friend to the upper right would say “Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.” ;-)

Edit 2: Mat also posted this response to my challenge.