Sep 062012

A while back, Peter Baker wrote an article titled “You’re all a bunch of fucking morons“, inspired by a conversation about marketing and specifically fast food marketing toward children. PB had spoken to me about that conversation earlier and I was intrigued, to say the least. (This post was originally written as a “response” for Peter’s site but PB has sat on it for ages and, honestly, I got sick of waiting to see it posted.) As a relatively new parent (one daughter, just under 2 years old) I have had a fair amount of experience talking with others on similar topics and heard viewpoints like those included in Peter’s conversation many times. I find them very interesting. Here’s another concept I find very interesting: cognitive dissonance. Hit up this Wiki-link, read the first paragraph (minimum), then hear me out. How does that relate? Here’s how I think it does: People [continue]