Sep 032012

“We like to remember the hits and forget the misses…”

I’m pretty sure I heard that on an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit one time. An awesome series, by the way, but not the point of this article.

I was rambling on Facebook today and talking about workout music. I had just put on the Mortal Kombat Annihilation sound track CD.

Remember that film? The second 90s live action Mortal Kombat movie? Naturally, it wasn’t long before someone had to go and point out how terrible it was.

My response:

“So true. Soundtrack may be sweet, but the movie was dreadful.
I gotta say though… Cyborg Smoke vs. Liu Kang… awesome.”

That got me thinking. Time for a YouTube search…

Okay, I think we can agree that that was NOT “awesome”.

Too often in day to day life (and in the gym, of course!) we trust recollection and nostalgia far too much to move forward with accurate predictions.

Sometimes it’s trivial and sometimes it’s not, but perhaps a little extra checking of the facts now and then would be useful, huh?

At least I’ll never get caught telling someone “Hey, check out this awesome fight scene from MK2…” and looking foolish… again.