Jan 212012

Basically what the title says…

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from using the Vulcan recently. Not for any particular reason; just haven’t been in the mood.

However, I’m back onto it and I have 3 things that I suggest you try out in your own training with the Vulcan:

  • Hold your arm out straight in front of you. Rotate so your palm is facing down. This is “pronation”. Now rotate it so your palm is up. This is “supination”. Now experiment with degrees of these when you crush the Vulcan.
  • One thing you might like to try out is walking while crushing the Vulcan. Especially when I am doing a resistance where I can often hit 10+ reps per set, I find that it can be much easier to get higher reps while walking rather than standing still. I have some theories about this, but the main thing is that it tests well and feels good.
  • Test out different crush sets often. I have to constantly remind myself to test a 20mm close distance, as I really enjoy a no-set close, but they often test significantly better and help me advance.

┬áThat’s all for today, just a quick one; hope it helps you progress! Expect more posting soon.