Oct 132011
Vulcan Gripper update

Coming along, coming along… So it’s been a few months and although training it has been sporadic (or at least sporadically recorded), my love for my Vulcan Gripper has certainly not ebbed. Progress has been pretty good too. Put it this way, over 17 logged training sessions, adaptifer.com (highly useful training tool; not yet publicly available) rates my improvement at 1501%. Not bad, I’d say. I am still playing on the White (weaker) Spring primarily, but I am barely 1mm off closing the dipped black (on the lowest level). This feels like a big deal to me, though it certainly isn’t to most grip athletes. Why it IS a big deal to me… The fact that I have innately crappy joints is no secret. My specific grip work is largely inspired by people like Adam Glass, but one reason I believe it is worth my while to invest a reasonable [continue]