Aug 122012
Back on Track with

I have a love/hate relationship with tracking my exercise, but I do recognise its value. Over time, I have definitely noticed that progress is more pronounced when my exercise tracking is more diligent. This is not to say that I “need” to track all the time or even that it is a good idea. Specifically better (improving at gym movements) does not necessarily mean globally better (improving in life overall). In recent history, my focus has been less on exercising effectively and more on living effectively. I have written about prioritising distress┬ábefore, but prioritising eustress progress is important too. Just because something CAN be resolved “easily” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a cost. Simply performing an action costs time and time is one of our most limiting and limited resources these days. So in the period of my life where I haven’t been able to act upon exercise desires as [continue]