Nov 232012

The Movement, as a group and as a concept, has made me better. Fact.

I think better.
I move better.
I feel better.
I communicate better.
I care better.
I am better at getting better.

I can serve the things that are important to me in a better way.

I am better to my body.
I am better to my mind.
I am better to my wife.
I am better to my daughter.
I am better to (most) people I know.
I am better to people I don’t know.

But I can’t make everything better.

There will always be important things that need improving that I will not be engaged in doing so.

I want to create a better gym/fitness centre in Perth, because I am passionate.
It has become somewhat of “my area”, with my interests and engagement.

We will need better schools.
We will need better medicine and hospitals.
We will need better environmental practices.
We will need better mental care.
We will need better governments.
We will need better philosophers.

We will need better everywhere.

The Movement principles and practice teaches you to get better at better. It teaches it well.
I want you to embrace The Movement’s behaviours, because I want you to make your passions better.

As a race and society, we depend on each other, whether we like it or not.
Lets all get better so we all have better around us.
Because better breeds better.
And if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.